Deadly Night


Deadly Night is a survival horror where you play as Carol, a hitchhiker. You arrive at a small roadside motel overnight. You are tired and the bus won't arrive until morning, so you ask for a room to sleep. The motel owner doesn't seem like a normal person, his questions make you feel uncomfortable. Later you discover something disturbing there, but when you think you know what is going on, something changes everything...


Do you think the Motel was a nightmare? Hell no, it was just the beginning. The murderer's sweet home is waiting for you... Try to get out of there or die.


  • Atmospheric sound effects.
  • Amazing low-budget environment.
  • The very best low quality graphics from a time that is long gone!
  • Pixelated effect to simulate low screen resolution (can be disabled).
  • Multiple endings.
  • Run and use the environment to hide.
  • An AI that will turn everything into a nightmare...
  • Gamepad support, just plug&play!